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>> al: wendy's postgame report is coming up. a new tradition, of course, the madden thanksgiving player or players of the game. we've got a six-legged turkey, so there's plenty to share. and bob costas and the gang will wrap up the game. cris and i will take a look ahead to sunday night football in 72 hours, which is the giant/packer game right back here. a little kneeldown here by mallett. it will be fourth down and belichick will take the headset and the communication devices off. and for the jets, it's back to training camp, it's back to the rest of the season, it's back to -- it's back to the problems
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they had a couple of weeks ago. and they have all resurfaced after that one-week respite in st. louis. >> cris: and you look across the way, the hardest part about being in this division is you look across the way at near perfection. there is no question that over the past 10, 11, 12 years that the new england patriots franchise has been good. >> al: the punt is fielded at the 44 by kyle wilson. >> cris: we've got to make sure peter king doesn't think he's one of the stars of the game over there. i can see peter wandering off the set and checking out one of those turduckens over there. >> al: probably get into it before one of the stars out there. >> cris: i wouldn't go stand in front of vince. >> al: so sanchez will finish
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out the game. and again, if you joined us late wondering about tebow, we talked about sore ribs, wearing a flak jacket tonight, so we haven't seen him for even one play. and this is joe mcknight carrying the ball out to the 50 yard line. so this is going to take us right down to the end of the game. and the new england patriots, who were 3-3 at the beginning of the season. those three losses were by a composite four points. sanchez and belichick and welker and brady and belichicand ryan will meet at midfield. the game is over. what's left of the one-time capacity crowd expressing their displeasure. 49-19. the wendy's post-game report with the madden player of the game and all of the rest coming right up after this. okay, here's the plan.
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>> al: to the virkts -- victors go the spoils. we're talking about that six-legged turd ducken. the madden players of the game. tom brady, steve gregory, vince wilfork and they're down on the field with michele. >> michele: it is so cool down here, al, because while we've been waiting here, tom and vince and steve have all been looking at other saying great thanksgiving.
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everyone grab a ball and grab a turkey leg. this is the first -- yes, absolutely. grab a turkey leg. >> i want the biggest one. >> we better give the biggest one to vince. >> michele: how is it, vince? >> good. >> michele: just the way you like it? >> just the way i like it. no complaints. >> michele: these guy were remarkable tonight. we can talk about the play where vince threw an offensive lineman into mark sanchez, sanchez fumbled, this guy steve picks it up and runs it in for a touchdown. when you see a play like that, what do you think? >> well, defense made a lot of big plays tonight and they have been doing that the last so many weeks. so it was a good team victory, it was a short week for us and makes for a good thanksgiving. i'm very thankful. hi to everyone at home. i'm going to go give this to rodney, see if he'll eat the rest. >> michele: how is it? >> it's good, it's perfect.
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it's thanksgiving turkey. >> michele: steve, three touchdowns in 52 seconds at one point in this game. can you remember a game like this? >> no, not really. but the guys just did a good job feeding off each other. we rally around each other. we always knew we had the ability to do things like that but it's a matter of being consistent and putting it all together and tonight we did that and we're thankful for that. >> michele: you've got to be thankful to have a guy like vince wilfork. when a guy can throw a player into the quarterback and cause a fumble, can you think back to that play and just what happened? >> i just thought about taking the offensive lineman and driving him over because i figured they were trying to run the ball that way. so it was just intensity just taking over. made a great play. steve made a hell of a play. when i think back to last week in practice, he had three interceptions in practice. no, it wasn't on tommy. but i said last week, this guy is going to get three turnovers in last week's game but it didn't happen.
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about your he came out and made big plays for this team. >> michele: it is the madden thanksgiving players of the game. the first ever. tom brady, steve gregory, vince wilfork. the consensus is good, al and cris, they like the turkey. >> al: thank you, michele. we've tasted it and we do understand. 49-19 the final. we'll be back to the meadowlands after this. ok kids, lunch. bravo. brav...oh. is that lunch? you deserve a little mozzarel-la-la-la-la-la-la. wendy's. gasp. is there supposed to be a puddle around the snowman's feet? no. wendy's mozzarella chicken supreme. crisp chicken, lots of mozzarella, and a rich parmesan sauce. making tastes that make the season. that's wendy's way. now that's better. get a $10 toys-r-us gift card offer when you purchase a kid's meal. see offer for details.
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he's the best defensive tackle in the game and brandon spikes, he's brought a physical element in this game. but you see the physical play, the activity. coach, just them making plays, creating turnovers, they have been doing it all year. >> tony: and when you have an offense as dominant as these guys are, you don't have to be great on defense, you just have to make those plays. get a stop when you need to. they're coming up with the turnovers. i think they are good enough. >> rodney: basically their defensive philosophy hasn't changed. they give up a lot of yards up and down the field. but when you get to the goal line -- >> tony: you don't score. >> rodney: exactly. >> bob: it's possible the patriots will have to go through houston if they're going to go to the super bowl. which brings us to this. earlier today, controversial play in detroit's loss to the texans. justin forsett's 81-yard touchdown shouldn't have been, his knee was clearly down. but because jim schwartz illegally threw a challenge flag, a play that would have been automatically reviewed
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anyway was not and the touchdown stood. for more on that, here's peter king. >> bob, i think you're going to see this rule overturned for the 2013 season. i talked to a league source tonight who described this rule as, quote, too onerous, end quote. he said to me, look, we're trying to do the right thing by getting the replay correct. we could have gotten the replay correct with this and weren't able to because of this, so, bob, it won't do the lions much good, but this rule is going to go away for the 2013 season. >> bob: thanks, peter. guys, i'm pretty sure peter is correct because i can't figure out the reason for the rule. >> tony: well, bob, they do need to change it. the whole idea of replay was to get the call right. this was a call that didn't get right, even though jim schwartz threw the flag when he shouldn't have. make it a penalty but get the call right. >> bob: i take it by your silence that you concur?
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>> rodney: he's the smartest man. >> bob: tune into the all new pro football talk presented by chevrolet. also on the nbc sports network "the dan patrick show" weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon. now we go back to al and cris to wrap things up finally on a long night in new jersey. >> al: so we wrap up thanksgiving night. we look ahead to sunday. in 72 hours we're back here. it's the packers, who were 2-3 and have now won five straight and are 7-3 and are rolling against the giants, who were rolling and then lose to pittsburgh and cincinnati and come off a bye week. >> cris: i tell you, that green bay packers defense, i have to give dom capers a lot of credit up there. they have so many key guys that have been hurt for a run and i put on the tape of them the other day and they were still looking good. you know, the question in my mind now is the packers have some injuries up front on that offensive line and can that great pass rush of the new york giants take advantage of that. >> al: two years ago aaron rodgers super bowl mvp.
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last year eli manning super bowl mvp. ton of star power, should be a great game. we'll see you on sunday night. sunday night football night right back here at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific for "football night in america." all new "tonight show" coming up with jay leno next. right now for al mike also, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our entire crew wishing you all a very happy thanksgiving from the meadowlands. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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walmart workers are walking out. why they are fed up and what they hope will come out of the strike on such a big night coming up. >> black friday, black thursday, whatever you want to call it. the holiday season shopping season has begun. itake you behind the madness next. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking cold temperatures right now for the early holiday shoppers and a warming holiday forecast. full details in just a minute. good evening and happy thanksgiving to you and your family. hundreds of walmart employees are not feeling thankful this holiday. they say they are overworked and underpaid, and that's led to a walkout, just as the doors are
8:49 pm
about to open to a mob of shoppers for this black friday. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live where the picket line started within an hour. >> >> reporter: that's right. at 8:00 tonight walmart workers here started striking. some called in sick and others who were already working walked out, part of a larger nationwide strike what they call walmart retaliation for workers who speak out. they say they have serious safety concerns and are calling for better work conditions. >> we have issues with management. sometimes they don't take us seriously and when they try to improve our work conditions they retaliate by cutting our hours or giving us unpredictable schedules. >> there have been a few robberies, one that happened during last year's black friday sales event. according to police a man walking with his family was
8:50 pm
confronted by a man and during that confrontation the employee was shot. that incident and others have sparked concern. they want to put in protocols to ensure the safety of workers and also customers. walmart has said they care about their employees, and that only a small minority are upset. they say do not expect the protests at any of the station nationwide to disrupt customers' shopping experience. live in san leandro, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> on other side of the proverbial aisle shoppers at one of the south bay's most popular malls are shopping to get their hands on the best deals. more now with folks camping out all night. this has become as much of a thanksgiving tradition as turkey and football. >> reporter: definitely a tradition. this line is crazy. not going to make jim walk all the way down. this line stretches a quarter mile down from where the best
8:51 pm
buy is down past about the ross. people standing in line and you can tell who the veterans are, bring out the tents and the board game and the generators. there's a generator right here. you can tell, hey, these guys have been around the block before. we also have first-timers, especially the first people in line. they have been out here since monday? >> 3:00 p.m. here monday at 3:00 p.m. >> monday at 3:00. >> exactly. >> and you got here and that must have felt good because, of course, nobody was here. we were surprised nobody was here but afterwards we started seeing people coming by, like right when we put our tent so we're like, okay, it's still going to go down? you've been here for three-prus days. is it worth it to stay out here just to get a deal? >> i think it is, you know, actually a me, a once a year thing so it's all worth it, one-time thing and, know, you
8:52 pm
got people and things going on. >> reporter: you have one guy here who hasn't taken a bath since sunday? >> yeah. he left us because it was -- it was bad. >> reporter: he went home to take a shower. >> i'm hoping. >> reporter: some of the madness out here in front of the best buy, out here since monday. some people are still arriving as we speak. what do we have, two and a half hours until midnight, maybe less, maybe more. it's going to be quite crazy, here at 11:00. show you more of the madness then. >> several of the major bay area shopping centers are looking to get a jump on black friday. the great mall opens at 10:00 p.m. and will remain open for a full 24 hours. the new paragon outlets in livermore will also open at 10:00. stoneridge center and valley fair plan to open at midnight
8:53 pm
and many stores at the premium outlets in gilroy will open at 9:00. search minutes from now with the entire outlet mall opening by midnight. if you are going shopping tonight let get a check of the forecast with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> let get a lack at the doppler radar. traveling on the roadways, you won't encounter any wet spots. good news. traffic increased so take it slow. current temperatures are the coldest. mid to upper 40s and isolated 30s tonight and low to mid-50s down into san jose. so, if you are headed out, each in the next three to four hours, let's take a lack at the temperatures, dropping the most. 47 degrees and chilly by 2:00 a.m. if you're still in line, take the jackets, take the layers. temperatures in the mid-40s and
8:54 pm
out at 4:00 and 5:00 ak-east and south bay numbers could be close to the 30s. we're not expecting anything in terms of major fog tonight, but, again, just the cold weather so wear that jacket. if you happen to be leafing on flight let's say early on in the morninging traveling delays and that's good news on time at sfo and oakland and san jose when it comes to weather and any potential delays. also a few travel concerns just outside of the bay area, if you're getting in the car traveling anywhere, stay tuned for that in that full forecast. >> see you in a bit. thanks so much, jeff. >> thanks giving got off to an early start at guide memorial church. volunteers prepared 5,000 meals to help people in need. as nbc bay area kristi smith showed us, volunteers say they feel just as thankful as the guests they serve. >> reporter: by 6:00 the lines were moving. daniel carving up the ham for the seventh year in a row for
8:55 pm
one reason. >> the satisfaction and ability to help people. >> reporter: even after 30 years the reverend here sees a long future serving warm holiday meals. >> as long as i k.they will have to take me out on a stretcher. i'm going to be here as long as i can. i really can. >> reporter: outside the lynx were line. williams said he's seeing more young people and seniors. some of the volunteers come back year after year as their own thanksgiving tradition. for others this is their first time out and they come for very personal reasons. >> i went through a hard year myself. i lost my job, came very close to homelessness myself. i could very easily have been out there, you know, standing in line. >> reporter: inside a real sense of relief, planning that started way back in august, finally hot and ready, the food mostly donated. they serve year round but the
8:56 pm
holiday is special, and clients say so is this place. >> this has been better of all the places i've come. always treated me with respect and dignity. nbc bay area news. >> here at nbc bay area weer doing our part to put food on the table for nbc bay area familiar his in need. last saturday we kicked off our holiday food drive at safeway stores and collected a total of 27,000 bags of groceries for the second half vest food bank. got off to a good start, but the need is still great, and you can still donate from now until christmas day. head to any safeway store and buy a pre-packed bag of grocery for $10 to help of a family in need one of the most festive holidays of the year is one of the most dangerous on the roadways. a heart reveranding story that's a lesson to all. >> started when my mom asked me
8:57 pm
what i wanted to do to pay it forward and i asked her what that was, and she said give something to someone without expecting anything in return. >> how a second chance at life has given this 15-year-old from east bay a chance to return the favor. >> i want to wish my family a happy thanksgiving. i miss you gays. love you guys. i'll see you guys soon.
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8:59 pm
san jose police are still looking for a hit and run driver that killed a pedestrian. two cars hit a pedestrian who was apparently jaywalking around 6:00 in the morning. the first driver in a dark-colored sedan hit the man and sped off. a second driver hit the man but stopped and is cooperating with police.
9:00 pm
if you have any information on this you're asked to call san jose pd. portions of san francisco's ocean beach remain closed following yesterday's sewage leak. barriers are up warning visitors to stay off parts of the beach. it all started when water began leaking out of a manhole. san francisco's public utility commission believes the relace was 92% stormwater and 10% sewage, but that was enough to keep visitors away. >> i had to look over this wall here hand think to myself, well, well, what's out there, human feces? >> despite the warning, plenty of people were out walking the open areas of the beach today. no word on when the mess will clean up. >> a little chilly to be at the beach but change is on the way. >> a lot of the forecast is improving. two days ago a lot of rainfall and right now the doppler radar scans aron. we're finding dry conditions up in santa rosa and san francisco
9:01 pm
and down to san jose. heading out over the next two to three hours, cold temperatures, 45 in napa and 47 in santa rosa and plenty of upper 4s and 50s in san jose. a ton of stores are going to be open into the extended early morning hours down here in the south bay throughout silicon valley and 49 in sunnyvale and 54 in cupertino. let's get you outside to the sky camera network and you can see on the bainbridge approach, traffic is pretty heavy for this time of the night and with a lot of the stores opening up it's likely going to be getting worse in the next couple of hours. let's also bring you down into san jose, and you can see the city lights twinkling brightly. not a lot in the way of cloud cover. this is good news, we are storm-free. we'll have a few hazards as we head throughout the next 24 hours. not necessarily in the bay area.
9:02 pm
dry visibility, step miles and/or better. i-5 corridor here south of tracy. we're talking about dense fog that could reduce visibility about a quarter mile or less and lake tahoe tomorrow, even into saturday, temperatures dropping in a the 20s and the overnight hours and also into the morning we'll create slick spots so take it slow. next 48 hours, all about the warming trend. a few days ago we had daytime highs in the 50s and 60s and here comes high pressure building up from the south. won't get as hot for this time of the year. we'll go mild, 5 to 10 degrees above where we should be. for the coastline, 5s and 60s, few areas of patchy fog and back for the interior valleys, not even 60s but possibly a few isolated low 70s. the only hitch in the forecast may be a little bit of fog developing. throughout tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. mid and high level cloud cover streaming on by. nothing too major.
9:03 pm
pretty much the same deal and we'll stay with that trend with cloud cover until 1:00 p.m. throughout the afternoon on friday, sunny skies just lake we had on today. it looks pretty awesome hear as we head throughout your friday forecast. for the black friday shoppers we talked about the early morning weather, temperatures coldest with the interior valleys with low to mid-40s. headed out so be prepared for the chilly weather. otherwise 40s here on the board. daytime highs in the upper 60s and also low 70s as we head through youth your friday forecast and on the three-day we'll see temperatures nat low 72s by saturday, and then our next chance of rain and temperatures plummeting by next wednesday and also on thursday, so some up and downs in the weather forecast and people are happy with the way things are today. >> did you have a good thanksgiving? >> i did.
9:04 pm
>> 68,000 military men and women are in afghanistan and some received a thanksgiving gift from the new york jets. >> it's thanksgiving in afghanistan and these u.s. service members are celebrating with some football and the new york jets who have donated jerseys for this ultimate football tournament. each jersey has a number 12 on it signifying the 12th man letting the service members know their sack faces have not been forgotten. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> out here in the army and doing an event lake this here in afghanistan, around your military family. >> for years i've been playing football in the morning and watching fastball in the afternoon and that's what this is all about today, here in afghanistan with all the service members being here. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, alexandria, virginia. >> happy thanksgiving, chicago. >> happy thanksgiving to my wife. honey, i love you.
9:05 pm
>> from kabul, afghanistan, happy thanksgiving! >>. >> reporter: football aside, this is where the real thanksgiving takes place, the food at this dining facility. 98 men have been working really hard to bring all the trimmings to 2,000 coalition members including turkey, ham, even pumpkin pie. >> i think it's awesome. blew me away to see everything like this. they like to go big for the holidays, but seeing the carving station and the sliced turkey, that was cool. >> and they deck rated it, kind of like a fireworks exploded in here so it's nice. >> something you miss from home? >> my family, my friends and just being around them, but it's a sacrifice we all have to make, but i'm happy to be here with everyone else. >> all in all this isn't thanksgiving at mom's, but for
9:06 pm
these military men and women they are grateful to be sharing a thanksgiving meal with their military families. >> thank you so much to our troops and the sacrifices they are making. still ahead on this first full day of peace in the middle east, hamas' military wing is claiming victory over israel. what they say proves they won the border conflict. stay with us.
9:07 pm
9:08 pm
in the middle east tonight the military wing of hamas is declaring victory over israel. thousands of supporters celebrated on this first day of calm after this brokered truce by egypt. this was the worst cross-border fighting in eight years. israeli leaders say they achieved their goals and inflicted heavy damage on the militants. hamas said the decision not to send in ground troops was a testament to their power.
9:09 pm
an arab man was detained for protestanting the bomb that injured 15 people. officials say the investigation is still under way and more arrests are expected. the bombing has raised concerns that palestinian militants are slipping in from the nearby west bank. the israeli army says it will continue to maintain order to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the community, especially after yesterday's truce. still ahead, tragedy turned into a valuable lesson. friends of a young bay area woman who died in a traffic crash speak out to help your family avoid that same tragedy. >> hi. i'm lieutenant michelle martinez. i'd like to give a shutout to my husband paul and kids in pensacola, florida as well as my parents, my two sisters and also my nieces sidnin oklahoma.
9:10 pm
happy thanksgiving and go redskins.
9:11 pm
9:12 pm
the thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the deadliest times of theiers on our roadways. that's why the chp kicks off the maximum enforcement period and after day one six people have died in collisions across the state. four of them were not wearing seat belts. it's a story we hear all too often. nbc bay area stephanie tehran has more on a personal friend lost this week in a personal accident, one that could have been prevented. >> an only child but a friend to many, including me. >> she loves love. >> reporter: still figuring out her place in the world. she had just moved from her hometown of fremont to l.a. >> she had so much love to gifrks suand such a big heart. >> reporter: so full of passion and that life was cut short. as she slept in her friend's car from las vegas to l.a., they crashed into another car stopped on a highway and stalled on the
9:13 pm
road. >> i think when she woke up from the first impact and kind of panicked and maybe tried to get out of the car. >> reporter: and took off her seat belt. >> another car from behind hit at full speed. >> the damage to her brain was too much. as 27 years old erica lost her life. there were three cars involved in this accident. everybody walked away with very, very minor injuries. the difference between having a seat belt on and off, it makes the world of difference. >> reporter: according to the u.s. department of transportation, in the four and a half day thanksgiving holiday period in 2010, 337 people died on the road nationwide. 55% of them were not wearing seat belts, and during the night hours between 6:00 and 5:59 in the morning, the number of people killed not wearing seat bel belts. this is important this holiday
9:14 pm
week, one. deadliest times on the road all year. >> we're worried about getting to where we need to be and those distractions are no different than if you are text snag erica's loved ones are hoping that her loss might help save more. >> it's devastating, and i know she's in a better place now but we are going to miss her. i am going to miss her. >> still to come, it's a long lived thanksgiving tradition, but this year's macy's day parade had some bay area flair. we'll show you the performance from a south bay high school marching band. >> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc weather center. we're tracking cold temperatures. mid to upper 40s and we'll talk about a few travel hazards. headed out on the roadways tonight, you won't want to miss that coming up in just a few minutes.
9:15 pm
9:16 pm
9:17 pm
the bay area had a reason to watch this year's macy's thanks giving day period. a south bay marching band had an appearance. we'll show you them in a bit but first the radio city rockettes kicked off the parade in new york city on a chilly but sunny morning including crowd favorites including kermit and new balloons and real life stars carley ray jenson and some broadway showsshow cased their productions including the cast of cinderella, clowns, cheerleaders and dancers and marching bands, including one from the bay area. >> from california, the saratoga marching band and color guard. stunts from every continent on the globe are wepd. >> they did a fan taft iblg job. the band and color guard was one
9:18 pm
of 11 bands nationwide chosen to participate in the parade and at the end of the parade a special appearance by santa, mrs. claus and the elves who made a trip from the north pole. many of us cooked for a family today but probably not as big as the family one 15-year-old oakland boy was hosting. a lack at his special way for life. >> reporter: michael caroway believes thanks is doled out one plate at a time. four years ago when he was just 11 years old a liver transplant saved his life. >> well, it all started when my mom actually wanted it know what i wanted to do to pay it forward and i asked her what it means, and she said to give something to someone and not expect anything in return. >> reporter: since then he and his family have paid it forward by organizing a thanksgiving faed for the needy at this west
9:19 pm
oakland park. a picture of caroway's liver donor is nearby as a reminder. hernandez was killed in a motorcycle accident. caroway's mother has signed up about 1,000 organ donors in his memory. >> michael's vision was to feed the homeless, but i know someone lost their life in order to live so we'll always promote donor awareness. >> reporter: they feed pem in the park once a month. the tents, the army of volunteers have become a welcome sight. >> a lot of people don't have no money. no family. no place to go. so they come here and get a free meal. hot meal. it means a lot to people. >> reporter: in the four years they have been coming here caroway and his family sees the changing face of need.
9:20 pm
>> in 2008 we were only feeding homeless people and now we're feeding people who live in houses down the street and across the street. it's definitely changing. >> reporter: and she's also seen the changes this her son. >> he does a lot more than he used to because he's more involved. he said this is now his hobby. >> reporter: caroway has plenty to be takeful for, his life, his family, his friends and the moment when the last plate is handed out. >> it feels like i accomplished something today and at the end of the day i feel like i did somethi something. >> if you're looking for some fun or exercise head to downtown san jose, skaters young and old put on their skates to enjoy downtown ice, the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the south bay. if you can't make it tonight, there will be a special celebration tomorrow night. olympic gold medalist kristi
9:21 pm
yamaguchi and mayor chuck reed will be special guests there. so let's get a check of our ice skating forecast with jeff ranieri. >> got to prepare one for ice skating, too. got you covered no matter what you're doing over the next couple of days. all about the cold temperatures. in the north bay mid-40s, dropping into the 30s there, and for those of you on the east bay heading out anywhere here to do some of that early morning shopping and be prepared for temperatures that will feel like the upper 30s, concord, dropping, especially in the overnight hours. you can see here in san jose we have a bit of haze down here right across santa clara valley but in terms of cloud cover, not existent. traffic is going pretty good right near downup to. while it's going smoothly we don't have any rain expected over the next 48 hours. bay area roads not expecting any
9:22 pm
hazards and traveling to interstate 5 and even tomorrow morning to meet up with the family be forewarned. talking about dents fog that looks to develop from tracy's southward on interstate 5. take early warning on that. up towards tahoe, slick spots in the roadways as temperatures will be dropping into the 20s tonight and also tomorrow morning. if you're still expecting relatives here as we head throughout tomorrow, a little bit of a storm system through the midwest and also the plains. that's continuing eastward and rain up towards washington. anyone trying to leave to the airports, should be okay. shopping earlier, heading into the stores, temperatures dropping into the 40s. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. coldest temperatures in the interior valleys of the east and north bay and south bay. 38 in napa. chilly. you need the extra blankets. the fireplace, and as we head
9:23 pm
throughout tomorrow temperatures expected in the low 70s up into santa rosa. 74 in gilroy and 79 in fremont and 71 in redwood city and the hottest spot will be the extreme south bay. let get you nat three-day forecast. temperatures staying on warm side all the way through saturday and as we head throughout sunday, monday and tuesday temperatures start to drop nat 60s and gradual cloud cover increasing with a chance of showers as we head throughout late, late wednesday and primarily on thursday. right now a 65% chance of rainfall so that's pretty good when it comes to bay area standards. rain ahead but as far as tomorrow goes. >> gorgeous. >> so awesome and all the shoppers out there. >> maude -- made the perfect forecast. >> thousands of pem in south bay were trying to work off calories before thanksgiving dinner at the eighth annual silicon valley
9:24 pm
turkey trot. barbara dell has more on this rapidly growing tradition which raises money for those in need. >> what's remarkable with this turkey trot is speed. grown from 1,900 runners when it started eight years ago to around 25,000 this year. the starting lane had to be moved to a wider location downtown to accommodate the growing crowd as it's become one of the largest thanksgiving races in the country. >> best way to get exercise. >> how much do you think you'll burn off this morning? >> about 500 calories? >> and how much will you be taking in later today? >> 5,000. >> i need to make room for the turkey. >> i like the parade so i'm missing that. my husband's sleeping. >> who's doing the turkey. >> my aunt. >> my in-laws.
9:25 pm
>> who is watching over the bird, man? >> we're going to people's houses, my family houses so they are doing it right now. >> this year's turkey trot raised roughly $7,000 plus another half million from an anonymous donor, a record amount that will help three local charities, including one that provides low-income families with the same kind of meal that the runners will be filling up on after this early morning swe sweat. >> giants outfielder hunter pens earned the nickname the reverend for his pre-game speeches during the world series run and the teammates showed off their great impression as the credits roll. here's video of hunter pens firing up his teammates with one of his signature pep talks and now players thoughts on pens. >> our chance to make history.
9:26 pm
>> i don't care what they say about us. i don't care about them. it's about the guys in this room. >> nobody's been through what we've been through, nobody will stand in our way. >> love you guys. i will go out there and die for you. >> i want to play with you, tomorrow. >> that is really good. >> every time you get filet mignon, every out, every inning, every time you get a piece of chicken or fish and want it throw on the grill, you've got to think win. >> wow. >> a side of buster posey i haven't seen. >> thanks so much for joining us for this special edition of nbc news and jeff an i will be pack here at 11:00. more now from the saratoga marching band at the macy ice thanksgiving day parade. >> students from every continent on the globe are represented in
9:27 pm
the band with over 20 languages spok spoken. they play the 2012 american overture. ♪ ♪
9:28 pm
9:29 pm
>> it's a story of determination. >> we were just talking 30 minute agoha

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